Save your ears

Dr Lutz Wilden is the originator of the high-dosage Low-Level-Laser therapy according to Dr Wilden® and in his private practice in Bad Füssing treats diseases of the inner ear like:

  • tinnitus
  • pressure in the ear
  • vertigo
  • hyperacusis
  • Morbus Menière
  • dysacusis
  • partial deafness

He also uses the high-dosage Low-Level-laser therapy according to Dr Wilden® for:

  • state after apoplexia
  • orthopedic disorders
  • chronic skin diseases and wound healing disorders
  • chronic pain
  • chronic exhaustion
  • chronic sinusitis
  • cardiac insufficiency and general loss of vitality
  • chronic bladder and prostate disorders
  • acute viral infections
  • general susceptibility for infections and allergic reactions, especially of children


Private practice Dr med. Lutz Wilden
Kurallee 16 . D-94072 Bad Füssing
Phone +49(0)8531.980198 . Fax +49(0)8531.980119
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