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„I want to help people who have lost all hope.“
(Amon Kaiser)

As the son of the founder of Dr Wilden's High-dosage Low-Level-Laser therapy® Amon Kaiser from an early age has been familiar with the problems of hearing disorders and the cases of many patients. He was fascinated by the therapy method of his father, and thus he made the laser therapy his life-task and in 2004 opened his own office in Baden-Baden. Amon Kaiser is convinced that the impulse for self-healing of strained cells is the therapy method of the future: "With the help of the newly developed LUMOMED laser therapy, a combination of laser therapy, personal coaching and following home therapy, we want to lead patients of all social classes back to life." As early as 2005 Amon Kaiser further developed the technology of laser devices and together with the leading French laser producer Biophoton he constructed a new generation of laser devices, thus preparing the way for new technical developments in the field of therapy lasers.

At the same time he created a coaching concept which can strengthen concerned patients and minimize their psychological strain.

Together with his wife Christine in 2007 he founded Laser Medicine Services GmbH. The purpose of this enterprise is to attract doctors and non-medical practitioners as franchisees for LUMOMED laser therapy. Also the continuing development of therapy standards and laser technologies is part of the family enterprise's philosophy.

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